Scaling horizontally, load not balanced as expected

we have a Camunda (7.8.0) Spring-Boot installation running on two EC2 instances, sharing a Postgres database for Camunda, and a load-balancer in front which balances incoming requests totally fine.

But sometimes the load is rising on one of those EC2 Camunda-instances while the other one isn’t properly utilised.
I would have expected the Process Engine to balance this load (which e.g. can be caused by BPM timer events).

Does s.o. have an idea why in this case it’s not working?

Have you changed anything the process engine configuration, specifically regarding the job executor?

You may need to configure the job executor so that it’s optimized for the load you’re expecting. It looks like one node is picking up too many jobs at once, leaving none for the other node. So you might need to change that setting.

You can find out more about it here:

Thanks for your reply.
No, there was no change. Job Executor is running with default-settings. I would not expect that the default 3 “maxJobsPerAcquisition” can cause such load-differences.

Hi @Laith.Othman
This is a really, really old thread - can you start a new one with details of exactly what you’re experiencing and what you’re trying to solve. I’m going to lock this one.

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