Schedule start of external task

Dear forum, I want to schedule the start of an task (external).

I am using a timer intermediate event with the following parameters:

  • Timer Definition Type: Date
  • Timer Definition: #{start_time} <---- this variable is initialized when the process is started via REST API.

I was expecting that whenever the process reaches the timer, it will “hold” the token until the date is met and after that the token would move on to the next task. Is this correct?

Any idea what i might be missing?

Hi @matiass,

your assumption is correct and it should work as expected.

Does it?

Cheers, Ingo

Hi Ingo, i tried many times and every time the token goes straight to the following service task (COLLECT NETWORK INVENTORY). I am not sure if I need to configure something extra or if it should work “out of the box”.
Perhaps i’m using the wrong notation, for example if i would like to wait until 9.30pm i would use: 2019-03-09T21:30:00+01:00 (tried also without the offset of 1hr from UTC and the result is the same).
Attached is the bpmn if you want to take a look.

ofc_demo1_v4.bpmn (20.2 KB)

By the way i’m using the open-source version (not the enterprise).


Solved it, the problem was a typo in the Date definition, now it is working as expected.