Scheduling a task that triggers exactly after 1 year of completion of another step

Hi there,

We are using Camunda 7 (7.18) at the moment and have requirement that when a particular step is completed/approved in the workflow, then exactly after 1 year of that approval we want to schedule a review task for it. What are the options we have to implement this ?

  1. we can potentially use intermediate time event with timer set to a year but that would mean instances would not progress/complete until 1 year has passed ? is this a wise approach to hold instances for 1 year ?
  2. Can we create another process with just review task in there and schedule a new instance of this to be started every time approval task is completed in another process ? how exactly we should go about implementing this.
  3. any other better solution/approcah to implement this.

Thanks in advance

Please also note that we plan to migrate our applications to Camunda 8 at a later point in time and hence we are using external task design patterns and using REST calls whereever possible when calling into camunda (embedded in 1 sprinng boot ms app) from another micro service.

any thoughts/suggestions on this one please.

Process Orchestrators are excellent at waiting. So, if the 1-year wait time and the subsequent task are part of the process, using a timer event is totally valid and feasible.

thanks Stephan, but that means we would hold instances in memory/database for 1 year or so while we would also continue to create new one. Is there anything around capacity/performance that we can think about ?

You’re right. The process instances are kept in the database. However, in most cases the effect on performance is not measurable. How many process instances do you expect?