Script language Scala


Is it possible to create scripts in Scala language on listeners?

org.camunda.bpm.engine.ScriptCompilationException: Unable to compile script: not found: value execution in execution.setVariable(“aaaaaaa”,“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa”) at line number 12 at column number 1

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi @anik,

as far as I remember the context variables (e.g. execution) are not available. I think they are not passed to Scala correctly. But it should be possible to fix this by a plugin.

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By a plugin? What do you exactly mean?

I’m not sure but using a plugin, you can change the process engine configuration. For scripting, there are different configs you can change (e.g. ResolverFactory, ScriptBindingsFactory, ScriptEnvResolver etc.)

I think I still do not understand it. Should I add a plugin into the default process engine, but which plugin?