Script task does not execute and not complete flow

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We are facing a script task issue. We implemented the Camunda flow with a script task. At the initial stage, that flow was working well. But After some time it did not work properly (After 3/4 weeks). Every instance is stuck on a script task. And did not see any error log.

And another point is after deploying to a new version of this flow, then working well. Still, we are using this method, but it is a very poor solution.

You can see the below screenshot.

We would like to know why this happens.

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Hi @Lasantha_Lakmal
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There are lots of possible reasons and to narrow it down you’re going to have to give a lot more information.
You’ll need to let us know the setup your using - Camunda version, database, cluseters, configuration etc.
you’ll of course need to upload the model.

Hi @Niall
Thanks for contributing!

  • Camunda version: v7.13.0-SNAPSHOT
  • database: PostgreSQL version 12.2
  • Still does not use Clustering

We are using Single Process Engine With Tenant-Identifiers.

At the moment I have no permission to upload the model.

Can you please create and upload another model that replicates the behavior?
What are you engine settings?
What is the scrip task doing?

create_order_temp.bpmn (29.7 KB)

The stuck script task is “Map Order”. That task creates an object array and sets it to the task variables.

we are using docker for setup to the engine.

  1. We are only changing database configuration to connect PostgreSQL
  2. And enable basic authentication

We are using NodeJS service for external task