Search decision instances using some business data

For Camunda 8,

  1. Is there a way to search for decision instances using data which is not used for decision evaluation - i.e using any data which is not used as an input of my DMN decision table ?
  2. and with that how can we use any business data which is used in decision evaluation to find the decision instances ?
  3. how to find the decision instance id/key of a decision evaluated from a grpc client say java or c# ?


any thoughts on this please ? I have clubbed a few related questions into one as that’s basically same function.

@Niall @Ingo_Richtsmeier any thoughts please

Hi @DIID_RAO - you can use the Operate API to search for decision instances and filter based on the evaluated input and output values. (See API documentation here.) I am not sure I understand the first question - you cannot search for a decision instance using data that was not related to that decision instance, only the fields in the linked documentation. But I think I may be misunderstanding your first question.

Also please allow time for answers on the forums. These forums are not an official support channel and are supported by Camunda users largely on their own time. If you are need are priority support, I can have our support team reach out with information on available support plans.

Hi @nathan.loding , much appreciated. Reg the first question what I mean is that my decision may be evaluating variable1 and variable 2, however in my call to decision I can pass {variable1, variable2, variable3} and then use variable3 to search/filter the decision instances though it may not be evaluated in the decision rules ??

Also please could you point me to any sample/implementation which filters decision instances using business data for a reference please .


Hi @DIID_RAO - I don’t think you can query for the third variable if it isn’t mapped to an input on any of the decision tables. The query is looking for mapped inputs/outputs.

Unfortunately I don’t have any examples. There may be some available, but I don’t personally know of any. If I find one in the next few days I’ll share it here!

that would be really helpful @nathan.loding , thanks and Cheers