Send mail via connector

Hello everybody,

i want to send email via connector on service task. I found the example of pizza what it doesn’t work.

can you give me an example with full explanation.

Thank you very much

Hey @Othmen,

why do you want to use Connector as the implementation of a service task? Are there specific reasons? There are some limitation when it comes to the execution of the service task with connectors. If you want to connect via the REST API (Http calls) I would recommend you to use the External Task implementation.
You can find a client for Java and for JavaScript as well as some other clients in other languages here. And then from there depending on the language you choose, you can implement a mail service.
I hope that helps. Kind regards

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Hello Nele,

Thank you for your explanation.
Actually we want to use connector because we want to use all modeler features. For my team, if we have the connector to send an email without code we should do it …

For the other solution, we can use it but really we want to use modeler features.

Do you have some explanations abour sending mail with connector ?

Thank you

Hi Othmen, look at my old demo examples. Maybe it helps.
The first one send Email by groovy script.
The second use DMN table for setup params (to, subject, text-body) and Connector to send Email.

Send-Email_groovy_v02.bpmn (4.5 KB)

Send-Email_connector_DMN_v03.bpmn (5.8 KB)
Set_Email_Params_v02.dmn (1.8 KB)

Have a nice day !
P.S. Please, pay your attention to Listeners (setup plugin to Modeller to watch they).

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Hey, thank you. I will test your solutions.