Send reminder on dynamic time interval

I have created a timer boundary event (Non-interrupting) and trying to send reminder notifications to customers but it only executes once.

I am setting the variable value like R1/PT300S and when this job runs then updating the variable value to R1/PT200S and then again update to R1/PT100S but I am only getting reminder on the first value and after that, the worker does not execute based on the updated variable values.

I am using job.complete(updatevariableproperties)

I am using zeebe-node npm


Can you share the bpmn file?

When you run job.complete,the job will be completed and move to next activity , The timer boundary event will not be triggered again.

@skayliu then how can i update the variable value so that it send the reminder on the updated values ?

You can try job.setVariabes

okay, let me try, and then job. complete only when all three notifications are sent ?

@skayliu I used ob.setVariabes(updatevariableproperties) but got error job.setVariabes is not a function

@skayliu any suggestion ?

Sorry I’m not good at zeebe-node npm.

You may take a look at the API doc.

It is ZBClient.setVariables.


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