Sending data from Nifi to Zeebe


I have been looking, but have not been able to find any leads on how to send data from Nifi to Zeebe. I know I could probably use grpc protocol and accomplish that somehow, but I am not exactly sure how? Also I was wondering if someone has already done this?


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I don’t know Apache Nifi. But there are two ways of interacting with Zeebe:

  • job workers - get polled by the workflow instance (i.e. to do something)
  • messages - publish a message/event to trigger the workflow instance (i.e. something happened)

It depends on the workflow that you want to model.

Please keep in mind that Zeebe should be used for orchestrating your workflow but not for storing your data. If you have bigger data then the data should be stored externally and only be referenced in the workflow.

Does this help you?

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Thank you. That was quite helpful.

I was also having the same error on that how to send data from Nifi to Zeebe. And also was using grpc protocol. Previously I am not sure how to execute but after checking and implementing this apache nifi thread, i resolved my issue. Thanks to Mr Philipp.ossler for the solution.
Thank you