Service Task: get data from excel-file

Hello everyone,

I would like to add a Service Task to the process which reads data from an excel-file. I have only very limited eclipse knowledge and Camunda.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @vijayvk89,

Can you describe how far have you come in solving your problem?

Have you modeled your process already? Do you need help with modeling it, or, do you need help with creating the code for the service task?



I need help with the code for service task.



I would recommend to first read the documentation on Service Tasks in order to be aware of all the possible methods of calling Java code.

I think, the best method for you would be through a Java Delegate. Here’s a nice example on how to do that.

Unfortunately, working with Excel files is out of my scope, but I believe you can use Camunda with a lot of Java libraries that support that.



@vijayvk89 take a look at: Service Task: write/get data into/from existing xls-file and you can modify this example to do a Read rather than the “write” in the example. If you have to specifically work with excel / xls files then you just need to swap the CSV jar/lib for a excel reading lib, but the steps are basically the same.

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