Set a custom generated id for both process instance and jobs

Hi! I need to set my process instance id on start method invocation as task creation where I can pass a String id or not over newTask method.

Can I pass an Id as arg or set it using my uuid generator for both process instance and jobs?

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if you want to use a custom id generator you can set the property idGenerator in the ProcessEngineConfiguration. See the documentation for more information.

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Thanks for reply @Zelldon I read yesterday this section.

documentation is very good in all.

As I’ m using more than one process engine, can I use it as single generator for each process engine?

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Hi @Zelldon I try to implement the IdGenerator interface as my a custom generator impementation but it return this error:

ENGINE-03002 Cannot add TRANSIENT entity with id ‘ae3a6b50-a7c3-4188-b774-bd9a82368506’
and type ‘class org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.persistence.entity.ResourceEntity’
into cache. An entity with the same id and type is already in state ‘TRANSIENT’

Can I do it?


It seems that your IdGenerator generates no unique id’s since an entity with the same id is already in the cache.
Maybe you have to improve the implementation of the IdGenerator?

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Yes @Zelldon , this error occurred with each id I try to pass rather id provided by camunda IdGenerator.

I would implement a custom IdGenerator, can I do it?

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yes you can do it. How do you set the ID currently?


Thanks for reply @Zelldon I tried both a simple java UUID and providing during test another kind of UUID for example: AVdhY8XWExrkjWnZiSAT but it still doesn’t work


How can I set IdGenerator for a container managed process engine as a process engine configuration?

I created a process engine bean using the JndiObjectFactoryBean from a JNDI Process Engine defined into my wildly server, but I can’t run it

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import com.fasterxml.uuid.EthernetAddress;
import com.fasterxml.uuid.Generators;
import com.fasterxml.uuid.impl.TimeBasedGenerator;
import org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.cfg.IdGenerator;
import org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.persistence.StrongUuidGenerator;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;

public class CustomUuidGenerator implements IdGenerator {

// different ProcessEngines on the same classloader share one generator.
protected static volatile TimeBasedGenerator timeBasedGenerator;

public CustomUuidGenerator() {

protected void ensureGeneratorInitialized() {
    if (timeBasedGenerator == null) {
        synchronized (StrongUuidGenerator.class) {
            if (timeBasedGenerator == null) {
                timeBasedGenerator = Generators.timeBasedGenerator(EthernetAddress.fromInterface());
// You can implement your own ID generator here
// The customuuidgenerator class will be loaded before the idgenerator is defined inside camunda
public String getNextId() {
    return timeBasedGenerator.generate().toString().replaceAll("-","");


How can you override processEngine id generator. Did you create customProcessEngineConfiguration?