Set the Workers to access all tenants


I am currently utilizing Camunda 8.3.3 and require the configuration of the connectors bundle to process jobs across all tenants.

I understand that setting the following environment flag with individual tenant names will work:

- ZEEBE_CLIENT_DEFAULT-JOB-WORKER-TENANT-IDS=<default>, tenant1, tenant2

However, I would like to know how to configure it to automatically handle all tenants, eliminating the need for updating this environment variable or redeploying the connector service each time a new tenant is added.

Hi @mahmoud_helal,

Just wanted to let you know that currently, we don’t have a “handle all tenants” feature available. We do recognize the importance of this requirement and have it in our backlog. However, we’re unable to provide an ETA for this feature at the moment.

Hope this information is helpful to you.


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Thanks @bastiankoerber for the reply,
Kindly keep us posted on any new developments related to this matter.

Is there any update on this feature request? Can you provide an ETA?