Setting caseInstanceId in a newly created processInstance

Hi ,

I am restarting a completed process instance using below snippet:

private void restartFailedProcessInstances() {
		List<HistoricIncident> failedJobs = processEngine.getHistoryService().createHistoricIncidentQuery().incidentType("Failed Job").list();
		if(failedJobs != null) {
			for(HistoricIncident incident : failedJobs) {"restarting process instance id {} " ,incident.getProcessInstanceId());
				runtimeService.restartProcessInstances(incident.getProcessDefinitionId()).processInstanceIds(incident.getProcessInstanceId()).startBeforeActivity(incident.getActivityId()).execute();"restarted process instance id {} " , incident.getProcessInstanceId());

But, the case instance id (in execution table) is not getting set as it was in the completed case.
I want to know if there is a way to set it after the process instance is recreated.


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Hi Urvashi,

I’m afraid that is currently not possible. But feel free to create a feature request in our JIRA tracker and, if you like, submit a code contribution. For example, the RestartProcessInstanceBuilder could have an option withCaseInstanceId so that users can choose if they want the case instance id taken over or not.