Setting DMN Result Variable name using a process variable


I am running a subprocess from a call activity. The call activity calls the subprocess from the “Called Element” box using the process variable “process_to_call”. I.e. in the “Called Element” box in modeler i put: #{process_to_call}

In the subprocess I use a business rule task to implement a dmn table. My question is how do I set the name of the “Result Variable” to whatever the value of “process_to_call” is plus text “output”. I tried to put the following in the “Result Variable” input box: #{process_to_call}_output but what that did what name the Result variable " #{process_to_call}_output".

So to clarify heres an example:

What I have: “process_to_call” : “testProcess”
What I want: Result Variable name : “testProcess_output”

what do I need to type in the Result Variable Box in the modeler in order to achieve this?

Thanks so much in advance for anyone who will help.

Hi @kdgeyser,

you can’t use an expression for the variable name. Instead, you can use an execution listener which stores the result in a process variable.

Does this help you?

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