Show tasks of process that has not been started yet

is it possible to display all tasks of a process that has not yet been started?
I have a BPMN file deployed and I want to create an overview including all tasks/candidateusers without starting the process. Is this possible?
Thanks and best regards

You can only do this if you inspect the BPMN xml and parse out te user tasks. But value of this seems to be generally minimal: You can could have a gateway with 3 conditional tasks. You dont know a head of time what paths will be taken, so the List of Tasks is not fixed. You could also have Multi-instance tasks, and in your case of candidate users, these could be a expression and therefore only determined when the task is generated.

Hi StephenOtt
Thank you very much for your answer. I agree to your answer. Nevertheless, in our case/s, we don’t use expressions to select the candidate users. The reason why we need this info is that the canddate users want to see when they are expected to do something and what they have to do. That’s why we want to offer them such an overview before the process starts.
Cheers, Roland.