Signaling waiting receive task via REST API


What is the equivalent REST API to signal the waiting task?

Here is bizlogic API used - runtimeService.signal(execution.getId());

Depending on what you’re trying to do - and the task type that you’re trying to communicate with.

Its a receive task and want to signal this waiting task.

You shouldn’t be using the signal method to like that, thats not really how it was intended. You should use theCorrelate Message call.

We are using message receive task with timer event which looks like this - image Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 12.13.44 PM
We want to signal the task and we have the process instance id and activity id. According to this API - Trigger Execution |
it needs execution id to signal task. So we will have to make another api call to query execution with the process instance id and activity id which will result into two network calls. Is there a way to signal task using process instance id and activity id?

As a i said - you’re using the wrong api call don’t use signal.
Use correlate message. There’s a tutorial video available explaining how to properly trigger message events.

@niall, The usecase above is to have the boundary timer event to have the time out. According to, we can have only receive task with timer boundary events.
And to trigger the receive task, we could find only this API -

Why? is this a restricting you’ve decided, camunda has no such restriction.

This could work for triggering the timer early if you like. why do you need to do that?

Ok our usecase is - wait for a message for 7 days, if 7 days is elapsed do task-B. If message is received on time i.e, before 7 days do task-A. How do you model this ? We could model it using receive task as below

You can just model it as shown. You don’t need any api to trigger the timer event. Just configure it for 7 days

Right. Question is not about triggering timer event, question is signaling/triggering waiting task. Clarifying the use case again- the waiting receive task should be able to receive the message/signal before the 7 days time out. There is possibility that message is received well before 7 days have elapsed, in this case process should execute Task A

In which case this is the answer