Simple user task forms outside of tasklist

I have a lot of user tasks for various processes, but each user task form just requires a Boolean value and a text value as result. I do not want to go through the Camunda Tasklist, but embed the user interaction (selecting the user task and filling in the form with the Boolean value and text comment) into my own frontend. What is a simple way to achieve this?


I have looked at, but do not understand the last sentence: " When you have completed the task, the call back URL will be called." Is the Camunda Tasklist calling the call back URL? Then why is it provided in the URL the tasklist provides?

Can I call the call back URL externally? And attach the form results (the Boolean value and text comment) in a generic way? Can I retrieve the call back URL externally? Similar to, but outside the Camunda app, in my own frontend? Does the Camunda Tasklist create the call back URL using some simple scheme so I could derive the call back URL myself if I have the processID?

My hope is that I only need to somehow get and then call the call back URL in my own frontend to return a form result (the Boolean value and text comment) and make the corresponding workflow process continue. Does that work? That would really be great.

I have found to issue a complete task REST call with the variable values in the body. Is that the most sensible approach for my concern? Or does that only work with user tasks that have been claimed?

Hey @Dave

you dont have to use the Tasklist if you only want to embed user task interaction into your own UI.
You can easily use the REST API that you mentioned in the last paragraph.
The camunda engine will not verify that a user has claimed the task, but you can achieve claiming via API too. In the end the Camunda tasklist is also just using the same rest API.
Hope this helps.


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Hey @felix-mueller,

thanks for your reply. I now want to create a simple html form that always reads a boolean and submits it as variable general to the selected user task via the complete task REST API call.

Since I might have multiple user tasks expecting a boolean result in a workflow, I want to immediately store the value in general to an individual variable x via output parameter, but get error messages I do not understand. I wrote an independent question for this at Conditional flow expression using just created output parameter.

I hope I can use user tasks with REST complete calls and immediate mapping via output parameter and directly afterwards a conditional flow expression, because that would be a really nice general solution for covering all user tasks with one external form.