Simplifying a model

I have the following model for the following scenario,

  1. Employee submits a leave
  2. The leave goes to level 1 manager
  3. The manager approves/declines. Employee is notified in both cases. In the case of decline the employee is notified and process ends
  4. Else the leave goes to level 2 (manager of level 1 manager) if leave is approved by level 1 manager and employee is notified as well
  5. The second level manager approves/declines. Employee is notified and process ends.

Every day a notification should be sent to respective managers for leave requests that they have not processed.

I would like to simplify the above model if possible considering level 1 & level 2 manager process is similar. The manager id will be different in level 1 & level 2, which is the only difference.

Hi @Bisoux,

Your direction sounds good. You can put the manager process into an extra BPMN and embed it in the main process via call activity.

The manager-id can be a variable that is passed in the call activity.

Does this help you?

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