Skip Task in Camunda Using ProcessInstanceModification

HI @Philipp_Ossler,

In detailed scenario, I need to skip any activity(userTask/serviceTask) from the execution of process Instances in camunda. These process execution can be of former Instances or may be for current instances. Majority, these instances are former instances of deployed bpmn process.

e.g, Suppose we have the following bpmn process. In the process execution, we don’t need to apply the send invoice task. We need to skip the following task and our process will get executed to the next activity in the flow.
Is modification can be achieved using ProcessInstanceModification or any other alternative ?

I am trying for this solution. As mentioned above, but we don’t have to use current process Modification , then with any former process Instance how we skip that activity of functionality from same bpmn.

orderApproval.bpmn (6.0 KB)