Soft pause exporting in Zeebe topics

Hello All,

Can someone explain? Soft pause exporting in Zeebe topics.

“Soft pause exporting in Zeebe. See Zeebe management API.”

I found how to set, but what is the use case? In case of in the future maybe would like to restore it is neccessary? And what about when the zeebe pods restarted or delete the statefulet? Need to implement as a posthook to be enabled all the time?


Hi @tech_a!

The soft pause exporting feature in Zeebe is primarily for backup purposes– when you perform a backup, you might want to continue exporting records without deleting them from Zeebe. This is particularly useful during hot backups, where you want to create a backup without interrupting the normal operation of your system. Having these records can be important in the event of a system failure or if you need to restore your system to a previous state, as this ensures that these records are not deleted during the backup process.

If Zeebe pods are restarted or the stateful set is deleted, the soft pause exporting setting will not persist. If you want to make sure that soft pause exporting is enabled all the time, you would need to implement it as a posthook or include it in your system’s startup scripts.


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