Some Hit Policies lack a description

Hi all,

Now I’m just trying to broaden my Camunda knowledge related to DMN. In your guide, there are 5 Hit Policies explained. At the same time, in my Camunda Modeler (v.1.10.0) I see as many as 7 Hit Policies. So I wonder: what “Priority” and “Output order” Policies are all about?

Hi @Lucky1982,

these two hit policies are not supported currently by Camunda DMN engine, but they can be designed in the Modeler. To read more about them, you can check DMN specification.

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Thanks. At the same time, I see your answer as a hint not to use that Policies for now. Since they are not supported and have not yet described in the guide. Do I get you right?

If you’re going to evaluate you decision using Camunda DMN engine, then yes, you should not use this hit policies.

Thanks for the clarification, Svetlana.