Source or tutorial for typical CMMN patterns?

Hello, I am new to CMMN. I have a project where I feel case management is more appropriate than a BPM workflow, but have a trouble finding some good resources to learn from.

I am looking for some typical patterns to be used in insurance or financial institutions, such as “four-eye principle” (processing or checking hte same data by two people), “maker-checker” (operator A completes a task and operator B approves it or returns back, or assigns to someone else), multiple tasks followed by a review (Task N is triggered after tasks 1…N-1 are completed), task completion with status (task is completed, but depending on the result different tasks may be needed to complete the whole case) etc.

My problem is that I did some workflows in BPMN and I am not very familiar with the Case Management way of thinking.

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Hi @jvavruska,

A general overview about CMMN can be found here.


Hello Roman,

thank you for the pointer. I saw both the webinar made for Camunda 7.2 CMMN and this documentation. It seems to be focused on technology whereas I am looking for some real-life examples (at least one). My background is BPMN modeling. The examples in the webinar are, unfortunately, very primitive and quite abstract, therefore it is not easy to get some clue as how to actually make CMMN useful in typical business situations.

Are there any business-oriented examples? Such as, for instance, a simple approval process with maker-checker pattern (i.e. case is not completed until the checker approves what maker did, and the checker cannot do the task until the maker has finished). Also, there seems to be only one final state of the case, “completed” and it is not clear how to combine completion status with the business status so that I can decide after the case is completed what has to be done next.

The Java API is not so much interesting, it does not solve the business problem. It can only be used by the coders to write the code (if necessary).

Hi @jvavruska,

Did you finally find any nice examples that you could share?


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