Speed up cockpit loading


My Camunda project is deployed on a Unix machine running a JBoss server in domain mode. When accessing the tasklist via browser, it loads within seconds. However, the cockpit takes too much time to load. It successfully loads after a lot of time in say only one out of ten times, the rest of nine times the browser simply times out waiting for response.

Is there a way to speed up cockpit loading? Just repeating for reference, the tasklist barely takes few seconds to load.

What is the configuration of your servers? Are you load balancing or doing anything else that would produce a situation where a lack of “stickiness” of the browser to a particular Camunda host would result in it getting a session cookie and then attaching to a different host? Are the servers clustered and/or using a shared database?

Hi @nikitbatale,

Which verstion do you use? Is the flag {{authorizationEnabled}} in the process engine configuration enabled? If yes, could you disable the {{authorizationEnabled}} flag? Does it speed up the loading time of cockpit?