SPIN XML Xpath with auto detect namespaces


Im trying to use SPIN XML xpath with auto detect namespaces. The SPIN reference has some sample code such as;

`import static org.camunda.spin.Spin.XML;

String xml = "<root xmlns:t=\"http://camunda.org\"><t:child id=\"child\"><a id=\"a\"/></t:child></root>";

SpinXmlTreeElement child = XML(xml).xPath("/root/foo:child")

This syntax doesn’t look correct to me, nor can I find any reference to a method like detectNameSpaces().

Hence am I missing something as I cant get this to work…



Hi Rob,

you are right. This feature was only implemented for two days before we removed it again. But it seems we documented it in these two days and forgot to delete it. I created an issue for that CAM-6735.

Thanks for reporting this.