Sponsor wanted: Camunda Custom Batch Extension

Hi Patrick

A few days ago I raised the question about using your Camunda batch extension to implement a Batch Order Process pattern.
Please see Approach to batch processing

It looks good but it requires the list to be already created.
Really what I’d like is a way to build the list and at some point submit / create the batch.

I can, of course, do this with the existing in-memory, with some extra logic to handle a crash, so the list can be recreated etc.

It would be really nice if the extension supported an item add command, that I could then create as this would remove the need for extra logic in the flow.

From reading your roadmap this may already been in your mind, however looking for suggestions on how to extend the plugin for above?

Ref: https://github.com/camunda/camunda-bpm-custom-batch