Spring Boot | Oracle | Multi Instance

I have deployed camunda with spring boot application pointing to oracle database (user-a) and it is running fine without any issues. But when am trying to deploy another instance on the same database with different user (user-b), it is not successful. Am getting below error. Actually it is not at all creating scripts on user-b, but it tries to fetch the data from table.

Properties -

Hi @Siva_kumar,

I’ll just describe the setup, so that I can ensure that I understood correctly:

You have two Camunda Process Engines that connect to the same Oracle database. Engine1 connects to the database throud dbUser1, and Engine2 connects through dbUser2.

Is this correct?

Can you also provide the error?


@nikola.koevski - Yes, that’s correct. Engine1 starts and running fine. While starting up of Engine2, it is not actually trying to create tables. Instead it is trying to fetch the tables. Since the tables were not available it is throwing error on Engine2. When i manually created the tables in Engine2, it runs fine.

Even am getting same issue. any luck @Siva_kumar / @nikola.koevski

@PREETHI_K_R @Siva_kumar using spring boot application there are two ways to handle multitenancy.

  1. Using tenant-idendtifier discriminator column
  2. Deploy the spring boot application per tenant.

Summarizing it: you can’t create multiple process engines in one spring boot application. I have tried to achieve this in many ways. Schema will get created only for the process engine which get bootstraped first

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