SpringBoot Starter

by adding SpringBoot Starter (camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter) to my project/POM
SpringBoot will automatically start an internal camunda workflow engine. So far so good.
But what if I only want to add a dependency to camunda to reuse the classes, without starting
the workflow engine? What do I have to add in my POM file then
Thanks, Roland

Hello Roland,

Which classes do you want to reuse? And why?
Maybe something will be more suitable for you scenario.

Best regards,

Hi Yana
nothing dramatically. I just have created a project where I put some utility classes in. E.g. classes to access the camunda org.camunda.bpm.model classes like BpmnModelInstance, BaseElement, Process etc.
I want to reuse this project as a kind of library in other projects. So I need to define the dependency in the POM file, and I would like to know, how to do this without using the Starter (since my understanding of the SpringBoot Starter is, that it automatically starts a Workflow engine, is this correct?)
THanks and best regards

Hi Roland,

Yes, if you have Spring boot starter dependency to the project, it will automatically start camunda engine.
In your case I believe that you do not need spring boot at all. You can put this project with utilities as library in your server (in case of share engine scenario).

Best regards,