Start Camunda Subprocess at any point in time

Hi, I am a newbie to Camunda.
Wanted to know if it is possible to have multiple instances of a subprocess and if this subprocess can be started at any point in time during the execution of the main process?

I already answered that on SO Camunda Subprocess - Stack Overflow

I think what you’re looking for is an event sub process Event subprocess | Camunda 8 Docs

An event subprocess is a subprocess triggered by an event. This can be added globally to the process, or locally inside an embedded subprocess.

It can be triggered any time during execution of the main process and it can be interrupting or non-interrupting. The start event, can be a message, timer or error (in Camunda 8). In Camunda 7 there are more supported start events. See here Event Subprocess |

Thank you for the response.
As it states: “Event subprocesses triggered using an Error Start Event, Signal Start Event, Compensation Start Event, Timer Start Event, and Message Start Event are supported.”

How can I trigger these events? I found that these events can be fired only through script tasks which will call the JavaDelegate and from there I can call these events.

It depends on the event.

  • Timer start events are of course triggered by time
  • Error start events will catch an matching error, if some is thrown
  • Message start events will catch an corresponding message
  • Signal similar as above
  • Conditional will be triggered if a variable changed and the condition becomes true

Hope that helps.


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