Start User Id Process-Instance History

I am using the rest api and i want to know who started the process.
When i do a Get Request on /engine-rest/history/process-instance , the startUserId is null.
I want to know who started each process , how can i do that?

Thank you

Hi @abdallah,

The start user id is populated with the id of the user who is authenticated (on java API level: IdentityService#setAuthenticatedUserId etc.) when the process instance is started. By default, the REST API does not activate authentication. See the docs how to activate authentication checks:


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Hi @thorben,

Is there a way i can set the start user id value of a process-instance after starting it?Like a patch on process-instance?Or the only option is to activate authentication?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @abdallah ,

I believe there is no such option. Depending on your use case, you could use a process variable for that purpose.