State management using Zeebee

Could anyone please give me a link for a good example,ideally video, for state management using Zeebee ?

Many Thanks

Hi @Bisoux, can you describe your use-case? Then I can give you the best example.


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@jwulf I am just getting started using zeebe so at the moment any use case will do. I may have found it here. Initially it was taking me sometime to find an article worth reading. The link looks like a good read and I am going through it as i write this :nerd_face: Any related recent articles you can recommend or videos would be much appreciated.

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You have:

  1. The state of your business domain
  2. The state of the business process
  3. The state of the process execution

Business Domain

Keep this external to the engine, in some persistent store. Use references in the workflow variables to point to the domain state.

State of the Process

A lot of this is handled in the engine. If you need to report on intermediate states or progress, then you will want to write records to an external store, like an event log.

State of the Process Execution

A lot of this is handled by the engine internally. Some things - like retries with backoff - require you to put the state in the workflow variables and model the mechanics in the process. As time goes on, more of these will be lifted to first-class entities in the engine.