Substitution rules like other BPM

We are struggling to implement user substitution like other BPM solutions
Example is here

SAP way is more make sense, but camunda as I understand, allow task level substituting. And there is no way to set up substitute period so that BPM determine task agent properly.
If I am wrong, please correct me and help proper way of implementation.


Here is case examples.

Hi @choibc,

There is no built-in feature for absence management. However, depending on the features you need, that should not be too hard to build.

Have a look at this example by our consultants: It assigns tasks to other users if the original assignee is absent. It does so when the task is created. That means, active tasks are not re-assigned when a user becomes absent. However, it should be possible to build this by using the TaskService API (e.g. TaskService#createTaskQuery and TaskService#setAssignee).

You could even use DMN decision tables to determine a substitute.


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Thank you for info. I know what is camunda offering out of the box.
However I wish camuda team to hear this requirements as most major BPM vendor support and it will be big pain if we have to add it into every process development.


Sure, thanks for letting us know. You are not the first user with that requirement. A related ticket in our JIRA is this:

Currently, this feature is not on our roadmap. Github user salajlan made a pull request for a first increment of such a feature but was not able to push it forward recently. We are happy to receive contributions in that area. If you are interested, we can discuss that here in the forum, e.g. define the scope of the feature and find a core developer who would guide you.