I just want to understand how can I add React to my Tasklist? I’m just trying to run this example (React form), if I understand correctly at this repository instruction applicable only for TomCat Application server. But I’m using WildFly-20.0.1_Final and don’t understand where I can find this directory (app/tasklist/scripts/react) and where I can find config.js for Tasklist. Maybe anyone has some instruction?

Hey @Mykhailo,

The files referenced are not unpacked in a Wildfly distribution. You can find them in the camunda-webapp-<version>.war, which should be in the deployments folder of you Wildfly server.

You can open it with any archive manager and will find the file structure in there.

Hope this helps!

@martin.stamm Thanks for the clarification.

I found this directory and following by instruction, and then I stuck with another problem when trying to start the process (Form failure: React is not defined). But after lots of headbanging, I found the issue to do a hard refresh (ctrl+F5 in chrome) to see the changes and it works!

Thanks a lot,

I am having similar issue(Form failure: React is not defined).

hard refresh (ctrl+F5 in chrome) did not help.