Task not appearing in process

I have this model deployed, as well as this form.

However, when I start the process, the form doesnt work. I’ve tried it locally and it works, but in the platform that I’m working with it doesnt. It just shows a link, not highlighted.

The form is the one on the right under the TaskID tag, when I lauch it in my online server it is not highlighted, and I cant press it.
Any ideas why this might be?

SPADValleFinal7.bpmn (412.8 KB)
FormDatosInundacion7.form (1.0 KB)

Hi @Daniel_Perilla,

Which versions of Camunda are you using locally and on the server?
You are using Radio Buttons in your form, they have been introduced with Camunda 7.16.
If the version is not the problem, have you checked the logs on your server for errrors?