Task search by Candidate Group


I set candidate_groups to Task, without creating Groups. In DataBase there is no foreign key-s, so that is no problem.

For example: set candidate group "foo" to task1. In DB, table “ACT_RU_IDENTITY_LINK” contains record:
group_id = foo
type = candidate
task_id = task1

The problem is, tasks search api, doesn’t search by candidateGroup=foo. (I found implementation, and that’s because if candidateGroup parameter is set, engine does inner join to groups, that’s why search not working).

How can I solve this problem. I can’t create Groups, because it dinamically changes.

Hi @Lasha_Gureshidze,

you don’t need to create groups. The entry in ACT_RU_IDENTITY_LINK is created by the engine.

If you search with taskService.createTaskQuery().taskCandidateGroup("foo").list() you will find your task.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hi Ingo.

Thanks for your reply.

I mean rest-api , when I search by rest-engine.

Hi @Lasha_Gureshidze,

this request works for my current spring-boot project:


Cheers, Ingo