Tasklist API for Camunda 8 community edition - Zeebe


I am building wrapper service for zeebe engine.
With Camunda 8, tasklist is no more open source.
Wanted to know if the tasklist API (here) can be used to build the wrapper?
Would it still be open source (or source available) without involving any licensing costs?
if not, then what are the ways of enabling a license free tasklist with zeebe?

A blog post is in the works about this exact subject, as it turns out. A sneak peak at the Task List section (which is not final, so please take it as such) states:

You will need to implement your own task management solution based on using workers subscribing to Zeebe as described in the docs. That also means that you have to build your own persistence to allow task queries, as the tasklist API is part of the Tasklist component and as such not free for production use.

So the Task List APIs are not “free open source”.


Thanks for clarifying. Will look for the blog post for more details.

Hello, I still wasn’t able to understand everything from the blog post which is here btw: How Open is Camunda Platform 8? - Camunda. If we want to build our own Tasklist and use Camunda 8 under Community license, does it mean that

  1. we can build our own GraphQL connection?
  2. we can use Camunda’s REST API under Community license?
  3. we can build our own REST API?
  4. we have to directly access elastic?

Hi @Michal

The only component that is open source (with some limitations - see the Zeebe license) is the Zeebe broker. You will have to find ways to add other components (taks list applications etc).

The Zeebe broker do not offer an API. There is no standalone GraphQL API - that API is part of the Camunda 8 task list application.

So you will need to export the data from the Zeebe broker (using Elasticsearch exporter, Hazelcast exporter etc) and then access the exported data from your custom task list applications.

Hope that helps.


Hi @mimaom,
thank you for the answer. Exactly what I was looking for!

Best regards,

Hi Michal,

Did you managed to build your own wrapper? I got similar requirement.