Tasklist app in self-managed - How "Candidates groups" are working?


I have a question : I’m currently using Camunda 8.3 in a self-managed environment.

I would like to use the standard “Tasklist” application and illustrate that when a user log in to this app, he will only see the open User Tasks available with candidate groups that belong to one of his profile …
Currently, it’s not the case : everyone can see everything :frowning:

What should I change to do that ?
The self-managed docker environment is based on keycloak and I’ve defined, for the tasklist user, a specific group which he belongs to but … no effect !

Thanks for your help.

Hello @jfgonguet ,

Thank you for reaching out.

Unfortunately, proper user group management is not possible with the current version of Camunda 8 (8.3 as of my current writing) which results in the behavior you observe. However, we are currently working on exactly that and will support proper user groups with one of the next releases.