Tasklist Error "no decision definition deployed"

Hello Camunda Forum,
I am new to Camunda and currently in the process fo getting familiar with all the possibilites that it offers. As I need to work with DMN for a university’s project, I am currently trying to create a first BPMN process combined with a DMN model. I’ll try to attach both files to this post.
So far, I have been able to successfully deploy both the DMN and BPMN files via the Camunda Modeler to the Camunda Platform. The Platform is hosted by Tomcat on my local PC (I have installed the Camunda Community edition). When I am now trying to play the process through, I am getting the following error:

An error happened while submitting the task form : Cannot submit task form c78ebcfb-8890-11ea-b2e5-00ff2ef26c87: no decision definition deployed with key ‘reasonOfClaim’ and tenant-id ‘null’: decisionDefinition is null**

From my own research, I have found some old threads in this forum where Camunda was not set up right, but since I am not working with an IDE at the moment I could not imagine where I might have done something wrong with the setup of the Modeler and the Platform since both are running.

I would be more than happy for any help to resolve this issue.

Best wishes!

typeOfClaim.bpmn (3.5 KB) typeOfClaim.dmn (1.8 KB)

Are you sure the DMN model is being deployed properly? How are you deploying it?

I don’t have a problem submitting the task in your example. It may be worth verifying the decision deployment on your end. When I query the REST API (e.g. GET http://localhost:8080/engine-rest/decision-definition) I see the following, notice "key": "reasonOfClaim":

        "id": "reasonOfClaim:1:2db1d919-88cb-11ea-bd2f-0242ac110002",
        "key": "reasonOfClaim",
        "category": "http://camunda.org/schema/1.0/dmn",
        "name": "reason of claim",
        "version": 1,
        "resource": "typeOfClaim.dmn",
        "deploymentId": "2daf8f26-88cb-11ea-bd2f-0242ac110002",
        "tenantId": null,
        "decisionRequirementsDefinitionId": null,
        "decisionRequirementsDefinitionKey": null,
        "historyTimeToLive": null,
        "versionTag": null
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Thanks for your quick reply! So it is not the DMN that is making the issue - great.

I have deployed both files via the Camunda Modeler and I have left the endpoint configuration as is by default, which means the REST endpoint is directed to: http://localhost:8080/engine-rest

EDIT: I just tried to run through the process again after having deleted all artefacts I have deployed yesterday and for some reason it is now working just fine. I’m pretty sure that I have done something wrong when trying to complete the task in Tasklist though.

So I think this thread can be closed. Thanks again @jgigliotti, I appreciate your help!