Tasklist.header plugin - How to reach the tasklist


I’m working on a tasklist.header plugin where I need to get the oldest taskid from the current filter.

How can I read the tasklist data from the plugin?

I can see that there is a tasklistData variable but I couldn’t find how to get the data from there.

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I found the answer.

Here I wanted to check sth whenever the currentFilter changed. This is how I could listen to the changes in the currentFilter. There other providers you can listen to. You can find a list in the image below the code.

var tasklistData = ($scope.tasklistData = $scope.tasklistData.newChild(

	tasklistData.observe('currentFilter', function(currentFilter) {
		//this method is called whenever the currentFilter changes. 
		//everytime the currentfilter changes we check whether the button should be 
		//showed or not
		if (currentFilter && $scope.filterAuthorizations.includes(currentFilter.id))
			$scope.buttonVisible = true;

		} else {
			$scope.buttonVisible = false;	

You can find the list under the local scope.