Tasklist Save / Complete bug?

I have a very simple embedded form :

<form class="form-horizontal" role="form" id="iForm" name="nForm">
	<input type="text" cam-variable-name="vText1" cam-variable-type="String">
	<input type="file" cam-variable-name="vFile1" cam-variable-type="File">

Steps to reproduce the error
1 Start the process and render the form
2 Fill in text in the text box and select a file
3 Click Save
4 Change focus by clicking on the Diagram tab
5 Return to the form by clicking the Form tab
6 Now the text value is restored but not the file selection
7 Select the file again
8 However the Complete button remains de-activated

I cannot reactivate the Complete button short of deleting the process in Cockpit and start again :
1 Is there something else I can do to reactivate the Complete button?
2 Is this a bug or is there something wrong with my embedded form?

Can someone from camunda please comment on this. Is it a bug or not?


Which camunda version do you use?
Is this the complete form in the first post?
Could you share the process as well.

Best regards,

Hello Yana. Thanks for your response.

I use the bundled (Tomcat etc) community edition v7.9. I also use Chrome v68.

I attach the .bpmn and the form with it’s .html extension renamed to .txt

Did you try and reproduce the error?

Single-Tasklist-Save-01.bpmn (2.3 KB)
Single-Tasklist-Save-01.txt (239 Bytes)

Hi @eugene,

I tried with the latest alpha (7.10.0-alpha3) and it is working for me.
Could you tried with 7.10?

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Hello @Yana

I’ve re-installed 7.9 and can confirm that the Complete button remains de-activated for both Chrome 64 and Firefox 60.

I’m not too eager to install alpha software, and will await the release of 7.10 at the end of November.
Until then, I’ve removed the Save button on embedded forms.
Here is the code for others who come across this bug:

var oSaveButton = document.querySelector("button.btn-default.ng-scope");

Thanks for your assistance.

Hi @eugene and @Yana.

Please let me ask you here on the function of Save button in an embedded task form.
I’ve followed the following GitHub example here:
Add example on how to make Tasklist’s save button store vars in

but without any success until now.
My problem is that when I click on anywhere else in the Tasklist and coming back in the Form tab, my current values get lost and aren’t restored :neutral_face:

Could you please give me any possible hints on this ?

Thank you in advance,

After adding this code

var oSaveButton = document.querySelector(“button.btn-default.ng-scope”);

to the script in my forms I get an error while opening the forms
Form failure: Cannot read property ‘classList’ of null
What am I doing wrong? I want to hide the Save buttom.

$scope.options.hideCompleteButton = true;

hides both save & complete buttoms, but I don’t want to hide the Complete buttom)