Taskquerry include local variables

I’m trying to migrate our system from Activiti to Camunda.
Problem is that in Activiti you have that TaskQuery.includeTaskLocalVariables(); which makes your querry include the local variables of the tasks. (joins ACT_RU_TASK and ACT_RU_VARIABLE tables)
In camunda I seem to be unable to get variables from taskquerry…

TaskQuery taskQuery = taskService.createTaskQuery();
taskQuery.taskName(name); //and so on

taskQuery.taskVariableValueLessThan(“index”, maxIndex); // this makes querry depending on task local variables
but when you make the list
List list = taskQuery.list();
Tasks wont have their variables included
you can get em out of tasks only with

What am i not seeing here?

Hi @tiki,

In Camunda TaskQuery.includeTaskLocalVariables(); is not supported. You have to iterate over the list of task and get them by TaskService#getVariablesLocal().