Tenant_id column too small


When using multi-tenancy, I encountered the following issue: tenant_id_ column in Camunda schema is relatively small (it is defined as varchar(64)) compared for eg to user_id_ column which is varchar(255).

It seems that manually resizing the column on the DB works (that’s what I have done to overcome my issue).

My questions:

  • Is there a simple way to customize the Camunda DB scripts to for a different column size (for tenant_id_ in particular) ?
  • Would it be accepted in principle to have this column aligned in size to user_id_ in future version of Camunda ?

and last:

  • Is there any drawback of having longer value for the tenant_id_ columns ?

To give some context to this demand:
While I would originally have agreed that 64 char would be enough, I am in case, where I want to keep my tenant_id value identical to other part of the system Camunda integrates, and these parts are using text keys that are greater than 64 chars, but not by so much (my case was for 80chars). And that’s why originally I didn’t thought it would be an issue to use these keys value “as is” in tenant_id.



Were you able to resolve this? It would be great if you can let me know your solution