Tenant ID setting in case of “startBeforeActivity”

ENV: Camunda 7.5

Approach: Single Process Engine With Tenant-Identifiers with Transparent Access Restrictions for Tenants

Given: foo is a process definition key which is deployed without tenant ID, i.e. shared process among all tenants. bar is the ID of a service task within foo.

The TenantIdProvider works well if one start process instances normally (startXXX or startXXXByMessage). For test cases which don’t start process instances this way, rather with:


the tenant ID doesn’t get set. Maybe someone can point out why and how. Thanks!

Hi @kenix,

this is currently not implemented. I created an issue for it: https://app.camunda.com/jira/browse/CAM-6218

Best regards,

Thanks for the quick reply. In the task description the word “can” is confusing. By the way: can we watch the task there?

Hi @kenix,

No, but you can watch the issue in Jira :wink: