The activity with id 'gateway2' doesn't accept signals?

In the file “process1.bpmn” i have a “AbstractBpmnActivityBehavior” java class in a service task which fetches an api which takes 20+ seconds to return data. When multiple requests are made by me to the camunda engine to run processes the gateway throws an error “The activity with id ‘gateway2’ doesn’t accept signals”. why is this ?

I want to achieve this

  1. servuce task performs asynchronous task
  2. gateway takes a decision
  3. another service task performs async task

process.bpmn (9.3 KB)
process1.bpmn (9.6 KB)

Can you explain more about your implementation?
Why are you using “AbstractBpmnActivityBehavior”, and what makes the service tasks async? From what i can see the process will run in a single transaction.

Hi, thanks for your time to give response, fortunately the problem is solved, it was a problem with my implementation in spring boot, my mistake was i was calling a process engine with an execution id at the wrong step in the process diagram.

The message “activity does not accept signals” can be misleading sometimes. In my case the method .complete for completing an external service task was called multiple time due to a bug in our code. After the first call of task.complete the process advanced normally. Starting from the second call of task.complete for the same task id, the engine complained with “does not accept signals”, meaning: the process has already advanced beyond the completed service task. A message like “This task ID has already completed” or “the process has already advanced beyond this external service task” would be more helpful.