The data tab in the Statistics plugin does not display any data


I’m evaluating Camunda and the Statistics and Analytics plugin.
I can get everything working, but fail to figure out how the Analytics / data tab works.
As can be seen below I managed to compile the plugin, and deployed it.
But how do you get the data tab to show any data?
Also my plugin differs in many respects to the images on github?

I don’t know too much about the plugin myself - but according to the readMe it’s been tested on Camunda 7.5 and you’re using Camunda 7.6.

There was a big revamp of the Cockput UI between those versions which would explain the screen shot differences.

Thanks Niall

There are 2 other posts on this forum explaining how to deploy it on 7.6.
1 Camunda Webapp Statistics Plugin
2 Installing Camunda Web App Statistics Plugin

Both reporting success eventually. But I suspect there’s something else causing the data tab not to show up correctly.

Hi @roman.smirnov and @davekant

Can you please confirm that when you got the plugin to work, then the data tab actually displayed data.

I followed the steps as per your post, and the plugin works fine (no errors in catalina.out) but I cannot figure out how the data tab works.

Much appreciated.

Hi @eugene,

Since the plugin is a community extension for cockpit, I also do not know much details about the plugin.


Hello @kerstinguenther

I believe you are involved in the Statistics plugin.

It appears to be a very useful plugin and a great endeavor. Thanks for making it.

Can you please shed some light on the data tab as explained above.


Thanks to Eric for updating the plugin to work with 7.6, :+1:

As already mentioned by @eugene, we habe updated our cockpit statistics plugin to work with Camunda BPM 7.6. You can test the plugin in our demo environment. Feel free to write feedback :slight_smile: