The user with id 'userid' is locked

I have a user - lets call him userid - who gets the following error message when trying to log in to Tasklist:

“The user with id ‘userid’ is locked.”

Can someone tell me how if there is any way to unlock this user?


Hi Brent,

It can be achieved via rest api or in the admin panel: select the locked user and go to their account, there you can see Unlock button.
Keep in mind that only an administrator can unlock the user.

Best regards,

Thanks @yana.vasileva, and sorry for the slow reply.

I must have been looking at v7.8 docs for the REST API, because I see it now in the v7.9 docs. Also, I can see the functionality in the admin UI now, after updating to the 7.9 alpha 3 docker image. I’m not sure if the earlier admin-ui problem was related to the alpha 2 docker image or if there was some problem with my account/group, but everything is working now.

Thanks again,