Timer Boundary Event

I am trying to configure a timer boundary event that is triggered say 3 times at an interval of say 20S . Expression R3/PT20S is not working . Need some help here.

Hi @Shatabdi_Dutta_IN,

What is not working?

  • Do you see any error? - please share server log file containing the complete stacktrace
  • Or the event is not triggered as expected?

Please share what is your setup, share/embedded engine, Camunda version,…

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Event is not getting triggered. Timer event for expression R3/PT20S is getting triggered only once.
However, when I tried using R3/PT1M , It is working as expected. I mean getting triggered thrice at an interval of 1 minute.
I am using Camunda Modeller, camunda-modeler-1.16.2-win32-x64

I’ve had similar experiences. As far as I can tell, the JobExecutor, which should trigger the events, polls only every 30 seconds => intervals < 30 seconds are ignored. Can the Camunda Team confirm this? And is there a way (application.properties) to configure this time?


You are correct that timer jobs are processed by the Job executor. The job executor polls, however its polling behaviour is configurable.

Check out the job executor config here [1]

In particular the maxWait. When there are no jobs to perform, the job executor keeps backing off and sleeps up to the maxWait value. Hence on a dev environment, setting this to something more like 5000 (5seconds) can be useful for testing…



[1] https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.9/reference/deployment-descriptors/tags/job-executor/#job-acquisition-configuration-properties