Timer Catch Event - User Defined Due date setup

Hi All,

Case: (Start - User1 - Timer Event - User 2 - Close)

-User1 will set the due date, Here the time event has to wait until the due date and trigger User 2.

How should i set the Due Date which is defined by User in Timer event since it can be anything as per user. For example: If a User1 sets the duedate as 3/1/2021, the timer event has to wait till 2/28/2021 and trigger User2. I am not sure how i can create a variable for this. Kindly advise, Appreciate all your help in this.


I assume that “User1” is a user task?
In the modeler, you need to set the due date of the timer event to a process variable using the ${} syntax. Fx ${user2DueDate}.

Then, when completing the user task (either via the REST API or a user task form) assign the process variable “user2DueDate” to the due date entered by the user. The timer will then be created using that due date.



You can set a date Time Object using te below expression in a service task,


It will create a date time object “curDate”, you can use this variable anytime in the model … like timer catch event in your case