Timer Event when the enviroment is down

Hi guys, I have a question about timers.

I have a process where I put a event timer, and my due date will be " 2022-05-25T11:49:52".

Let’s imagine the environment will down by some issue in this period of time. When I up the environment again, after this due date, the timer continue waiting.

How I can do to handle this situation? I need to update the due date manually?
Can someone help me?


Hi @brunovasquesf,

Yes, you can update due date of a timer job manually

You should not have to change the due date…A due date means the the timer event will not fire before the due date, the timer event becomes available to fire after the due date and will eventually fire when a job executor thread is allocated…

If you find after a restart a due timer event is not triggering, it could be;

Job executor not started
Job executor saturated
System set to deployment aware when process models deployed via API



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I missed that point.
Yes, as stated by @Webcyberrob, as long as the value of the due date is in the past, this means the job is acquirable.