Timestamp picker? datepicker incr 1h at each pick?

In my embedded form on a start event I want to pick a timestamp actually.

  1. Is there a way to combine the angular UI bootstrap datepicker and timepicker, because Camunda wants to have it in one variable (and me too)?

I experience, that the hour is increased by 1 with every pick of a date. This looks weird and will cause user questions.

  1. Therefore can the time part be completely hidden? This seems better to me, even I need to skip time completely.

See the increasing hour with 2 picks:

Because of this Camunda-Angular mismatch:
3) Is there another UI widget I can use for a timestamp value?

Best regards and a great weekend

Hi frank,

there is a widget that combines the date- and timepicker and is used by the Tasklist for example in the dueDate popover. It does a little bit more than that, e.g. it handles other datatypes as well, but maybe it can serve as starting point. You can find the source-code of the widget here: https://github.com/camunda/camunda-commons-ui/tree/master/lib/widgets/inline-field

The increase of one hour is a bit weird indeed. I suspect that it is related to the Timezone you are in.

It should be possible to hide the time part completely. You would need to adjust the date format you specify in the attributes of the datepicker according to the documentation. You would then need to add the time part before submitting the data to the server. You could use Javascript and the submit event for that.

Does that help you?


@sebastian.stamm Thank you for your hint for the Camunda own widgets! Will go for it. Seems to be more easy than patching the time into the field before submitting (even its good to know, that there is a way to hook in). With your new widget the time zone issue is gone as well :wink: Merci

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