To configure camunda url in spring boot application.yaml

How to configure standalone camunda url in application.yaml.

Here(Spring Boot Integration |, I can see, its using embedded camunda, I dont want that.

  1. I got a standalone camunda
  2. Want to connect to it from spring boot app
  3. And attach a TaskListener to the userTask, serviceTask so want camunda jar.

Is that possible with this jar:


@Minisha_M In standalone deployment model, the Remote Engine is bootstrapped either as embedded or container-managed engine.

I recommend this tutorial and you can find pre-packaged full distribution standalone container-managed camunda.

For community version, Install the Standalone Webapplication (.war).

If you’re interested in using container-managed engine for stand-alone deployment model, you need below dependency in the classpath:

<!-- -->

Once setup is done, camunda process engine services are accessed from rest api.